We Understand!

Sourcing for and/or handling the sales and delivery of your party's aso ebi fabrics yourself is a huge responsibility which afreakanclad would be delighted to help you do.

How We Help!

Friends and family take your Aso ebi fabrics and become reluctant to pay for them. We take that stress of dragging people for payment off you with efficient delivery across Nigeria. We will also help reach friends and families whose locations may not be easily reached by you, deliver and make them part of your moment.

Not just that, our platform gives you control to make Aso ebi sales public or restricted and also to protect the identity of the fabrics. We can help deliver your invitation cards at no cost with the aso-ebi fabrics to your friends and families. It also allows you to design with the fabrics and have custom made clothes delivered to your door step.

Get In Touch

For sourcing, sales and delivery service of aso ebi fabrics, contact us at sales@afreakanclad.com. And if you already sourced your aso ebi fabrics and want to use our platform for sales and delivery, click Here to fill and submit a request form and we will get back to you.